Live video from Hummingbird Hatching/Breeding camera

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Note(说明): This H-bird and her eggs are in danger. Current tenants have to move into their new home due to mortgage pressure. Once they leave, house manager will clean up the balcony (including the nest); Raised fund can extend the leasing until baby birds fly away. Please go to the link to donate or share it to your friend and family. Thank u!-- (这个直播监控视频是募捐项目的一部分,现任房客因为房贷压力不得不退租尽快搬到自己的新家,物业为了尽快出租,将清除鸟窝,如果募捐所得够续租一个月,小蜂鸟就可以破壳和长大飞走。请捐助或者分享上面的链接, 谢谢)

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